Admission Open for 2017-18

Student Interviews

My College Brindavan is a wonderful College, where we can find everything. In this college we can study, play and with this we have many extra curricular activities also. The lecturers are very good. They explain so good that students can easily understand everything. Lecturers also concentrate more on those students who are weak in their studies. The campus is very huge and we also have strict discipline. Teachers are always ready to clear our doubts. College faculty provides the students everything whatever they need. There are lots of labs with many useful equipments like, Computer Labs, Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Botany Labs and Zoology Labs. After joining Brindavan College its like a dream comes true. There is a huge library with lots of books and they are very useful for the students.

Sabah Afroze .A

'Brindavan' meaning a colorful garden which says a pleasant place where Lord Krishna played with his mates.

In the same way "Brindavan College" is a place where all kinds of cultures, traditions and students from different countries bought under one roof. The name Brindavan, this suggest that there is equality of all religions and there is secularity, freedom of students.

A student is very graceful to get a seat in this college. Because the college has an extraordinary teaching ways and well experienced teaching staff. The teachers are very kind towards every child and they take individual care for every one.

"Prof. Shankar S B " who is the Principal of PU department in Brindavan College is successful in different aspects like guiding students for future. Counselling them when ever they are depressed like a mother and she helps every student by giving mental support like a friend. This proves that this institution is second learning home for a student.

In this college a student is always cheerful and colorful. It had acquired grade 'A' level certificate by "NAAC".

This says the golden history of college which completed 15 years of serving students.

As a student in this college I'm still experiencing the great joy. This is a boon for me from God to study in such institution with the whole heart I'm wishing "ALL THE BEST" for my college. I can say in one sentence about my college…………..


S. Vishwak Sasank

Hi, I'm Twinkle .S, I have been in Brindavan College for past 2 months. I'm doing my 1st PUC in this College. The faculty members are good. The staff members are very helpful & humane. Their explanations and teachings are very satisfying. The campus of Brindavan College is too good with well maintained gardens and spacy out yards. It has good infrastructure. I conclude by saying that life in Brindavan College is cool and happy.

Twinkle .S