Admission Open for 2017-18

Foot Prints

Brindavan College stands high as an ideal example for Unity in Diversity. I am very happy to be a part of this college. Here I got an opportunity to mingle with students from all corners of the world with different cultures under one roof.

The college has given me good education with qualified and friendly lecturers, well equipped laboratories and a good library. Teachers pay individual attention towards every student and treat us equally.

Now as I am in my II year I feel very sad that the joys shared with all my friends is coming to an end, but the memories of learning in this college will be cherished throughout the days of life.

Uzma Haseen

Brindavan College represents a garden, which is full of different colored beautiful flowers. Flowers are representing the students; students from different countries with different languages under one roof, gaining education given by excellent teaching staff, helping us to become professionals in our courses. College provides all the facilities which any student requires. As a science student I should mention about "Genesis" Club, which help us to explore science in much better way.

Swathi K Murthy

I am proud to say that I would leave the very doors, I walked through on my first day, as a strong, proud, independent person ready to face the challenges of today's world. Being here made me open my eyes to the real world. What I loved most was the various cultures found under one roof keeping up to the phrase "Unity in Diversity". I think the management for everything and most of all my heartfelt and warm gratitude goes out to my dear beloved teachers, who molded me into an independent and confident individual and also taught me to shake of the inhibitions, put in my best efforts and explore my own self.

Sahas G.C