Admission Open for 2017-18

Faculty Interview

Brindavan College provides its pupils with the best and the most advanced infrastructural facilities. The students fresh from their school get an environment to bloom and develop as strong, individual personalities learning to cope up with the academic, social and professional requirements. The academic curriculum is followed rigorously and the students are trained to excel in the board and other competitive examinations. Extra curricular activities are conducted to bring forth the talents of the pupils. They can become the members of various clubs like Culcurio, Genesis, firm etc and participate in its litrary and cultural activities. Periodical meetings are held with the parents to inform them about their wards progress as well as limitations. Thus we prepare the students to be leaders and excel in the field of their choice.

Ms. Pratibha
Lecturer of English

The teaching & learning in Brindavan College creates a growth curve and the students are prepared to explore the most important field of science and commerce today. The management provides importance to the teaching methodology so that the knowledge is easily assimilated. Well ventilated, spacious classrooms with the latest teaching aids are provided. Special emphasis is provided for preparing the student for their practical skills so that the students begins to like and accept the challenging tasks of the changing technology. The classes are handled by highly qualified faculties with rich experience in their domain.

The college provides excellent infrastructure which includes fully air-conditioned computer lab with 100 high speed Pentium machines with Internet connection and a separate Internet lab, for accessing the latest information.

The library has a large collection of books updated every year with the latest editions and leading news papers, magazines related to business sports, technology, health and general knowledge etc.

Chinmay Dash
Lecturer of Computer Science.

In India people speak language of IITs, AIIMs, NIITs etc for their children. Which is the toughest to crack. All the highly professional courses provided by there institutions can only be achieved after cracking the basic entrance test conducted by there premiers. To clear these entrance a student must be but at his a her potential ability at the PUC level. It is the foundation course for every student. A student gets a golden opportunity to fulfill his/her dreams at this stage.

Here in Brindavan College students are provided with market oriented streams of science and commerce with various combinations like PCMC, PCMB, PCBH, BACS, etc. In this college, students get highly skilled lecturers who are not limited to PUC department but also take classes for UG &PG courses. Lecturers are equipped with latest technology for conducting classes with projectors OHP etc.

Students are provided full access to Internet for browsing a bulk of information for their courses and entrance exam preparation.

Here, the lecturers are not stuck to the conduct of syllabus but also provide out of box knowledge. Regular seminars and guest lectures from the corporate are alo key ingredient for profilic students. The college is at the best in their regard.

Apart from curriculum, students perceive enormous support co-curriculum activities like sports and various cultural events.

Brindavan College which is a degree college as well gives the PUC students a revelry option with its UG & PG students for events like Annual Day, Freshers Day, Ethnic Day, Food Fest etc.,

Gunjan Goswami
Dept. of Statistics